Because I’m the Goddess Volume 1


goddess 1

4.0 out of 5 stars Pandora’s Treasure Chest,

Clearly, “Because I’m the Goddess” isn’t going to win any points for original plot. You have a Goddess come to Earth, where she falls in love with a human (Oh My Goddess!) and then as a twist she is collecting missing objects of power (Cardcaptor Sakura). You get the general idea, and you have read it before.

But originality isn’t everything, and sometimes a hefty does of slapstick and fanservice can carry a book home. “Because I’m the Goddess” is over-the-top fun (and in the case of the Goddess in question, Pandora “over-the-top” takes on another meaning) that takes very little seriously. The comic is a lot more fun than it has any right to be, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

The story has the goddess Pandora (She of the Pandora’s Box) sent to Earth in order to hunt down the “charms” that have escaped and are now enslaving humans susceptible to their particular lures. These aren’t really the same vices from Greek mythology, and pretty much just suit the flow of the story, but that works just fine. Pandora can see people enslaved by the charms by the collar that appears around their necks. Pandora’s human companion, Aoi, is the only one unmoved by Pandora’s ample bust, which of course infuriates and interests Pandora. But Pandora needs Aoi desperately. When she expends all of her magical power, she transforms into a flat-chested young girl who can only regain her oomph by a kiss from Aoi. Of course, the proscribed animal sidekick in this case is Mattsun, a humorless cat.

Get this one for the humor rather than the girls. Although Pandora is delightfully top-heavy and likes to show it off, the fanservice is nothing on the level of comics like Sundome, and is more PG rated than PG-13. The slapstick is good though, and my favorite scene was when Pandora transformed Aoi into a giant pair of nail clippers in order to cut the chain of a charm, to which Aoi was indignant.

“Because I’m the Goddess” is also only a three-volume series, which is good because I don’t think the joke would last long past that. Too many manga series continue long after the story has wound down, but this one knows just how far it can go.


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