Because I’m the Goddess Vol. 2

goddess 2

4.0 out of 5 stars The saga continues

If Japanese comics has taught me anything, its that having a goddess drop into your life out of nowhere brings many troubles, even if she is a particularly busty and friendly type of goddsess. Continuing the story from Because I’m the Goddess Volume 1 (v. 1), volume two drops some bombshell secrets about Aoi and his family, and how Pandora managed to get mixed up with this hapless human.

Pandora is still in search of the “charms,” the sort of things that came out of the mythical Pandora’s Box, who appear as collars around human’s necks and encourage them to some bad behavior. However, as we will see, not every human wants to be freed from their charm, and some are perfectly happy being bad. Aoi’s family in particular is aware of Pandora’s mission, and doesn’t want Aoi to fall prey to her rather abundant charms.

“Because I’m the Goddess” is pretty typical of the genre. Lots of school girl outfits and costume changes, talking animal sidekicks, magical mallets being pulled out of nowhere, hot babes doing combat for the love of a guy who doesn’t want anything to do with them. There are some interesting bits. One of Aio’s companions, Suzuran, is a cute boy who looks and acts exactly like a girl. The art is well-done, and if your interests tend towards a girls chest area then this is all the fan service you could ever need.

I have enjoyed the series, and it is just the right length at three volumes long. Too many series carry on long after the premise has gotten stale, but this one is just right. Good times. Silly fun. Cute girls.


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