“Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend” T-shirt

1.0 out of 5 stars Don’t be that guy…

Don’t do it. Just don’t do it. Unless you are buying this shirt as a joke, and plan to never let it see the light of day, then take your hand off the order button right now.

There is something inherently creepy about this shirt and the type of guy who wears it. Strangely enough, I am the owner of an I Love Japanese Girls t-shirt, and I find that one less disturbing because it is just a joke between my wife and I, and I would never wear it out of the house. It’s written in English, it’s a bit dorky, and thus not quite so lame.

But this one…because it is written in Japanese, you actually see guys out and about in this shirt. I once even saw someone getting off the airplane in Narita, Japan wearing this shirt, and it was pretty obvious that he wasn’t hanging with the cool kids at school.

Just because they can’t read it they think no one can read it. But people can read it, and the intended audience, Japanese girls, are going to think that you are the world’s biggest loser with a serious Japan-fetish. I know. I have heard Japanese girls talk about exactly what they think when they see a guy in this shirt. It isn’t pretty.

In fact, I think this shirt has the opposite effect as intended. It is a Japanese-girl repellant. And anyone who actually wants to speak to and get to know a Japanese girl had better stay far away from this shirt, and anyone wearing one.


2 Responses to ““Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend” T-shirt”

  1. keitaro004 Says:

    Just like I expected from a T-shirt like that. Sure, if someone come over with a “Looking for a European boyfriend” T-shirt, I would just ignore her too. It’s just a joke, but I didn’t know people actually walked with a T-shirt like that in Japan… At least I would’ve never done it. Heck, they should be ashamed.

  2. Zack Davisson Says:

    Oh yes, people actually wear this shirt in Japan! And they are creepy….

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