Ninja Vixens: Complete Box Set





4.0 out of 5 stars The entire Ninja Vixens series and a little bit more

Just to be upfront about this, the “Ninja Vixens” (Kunoichi Nimpoden) series is not going to win any major awards. This series is based on a simple premise, and that premise is cute, bouncy Japanese girls running around in bright colored ninja outfits that look like leftovers from an 80s music video and having goofy, choreographed sword fights with each other. What makes the series good is that those same cute, bouncy Japanese girls seem to require an awful lot of baths.

I always compare this series to the light-hearted sex comedies from the 80’s, like “Ski School” and “H.O.T.S..” You know exactly what you are going to get, and they are cheesy but fun. While there are plots to go along with every film, neither the director nor the cast takes the production too seriously, and it is all done tongue-in-cheek.

Being a pink film, the nudity is strictly T&A and the sex scenes are of the soft-core variety. I could have done with some more naked, but I could say the same of almost all pink films. However, some funny slapstick comedy and pretty naked girls make for good times. Also, the series actually has pretty decent production values for direct-to-video films of this type. If all that sounds good to you, then you are going to like the series.

That being said, this box set collection is awesome! The problem with a series like “Ninja Vixens” is that you really don’t want to pay too much for them, and here you have the entire series collected together at a nice price. And this is the entire series, with all ten movies including the two “Bounty Hunter Vixens” flicks and the horror-themed “Virgin Nightmares” movie. This collection trumps all other releases of Ninja Vixens, and is absolutely the one to get!

Included are:

Ninja Vixens 1 – Flame of Seduction
Ninja Vixens 2 – Crimson Blades
Ninja Vixens 3 – Devilish Angels
Ninja Vixens 4 – Vixen Dropouts
Ninja Vixens 5 – Web of Passion
Ninja Vixens 6 – Forbidden Paradise
Bounty Hunter Vixens 7 – Treasure of Lust
Bounty Hunter Vixens 8 – Carnal Enchantment
Ninja Vixens 9 – Demonic Sacrifices
Ninja Vixens 10 – Virgin Nightmares

The packaging of this collection is also excellent, as all ten DVDs are packed into a small space. The box is about the same size as those old 2-DVD collections, and doesn’t take up too much shelf space. This is really appreciated, as my DVD collection already seems to take up too much of my house.


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