Umeya – Kakino Tane (Hot Chili Rice Crackers)



5.0 out of 5 stars Oh so good!

I absolutely love kakino tane. They are spicy, crunchy and go better with beer than any snack imaginable. Way better than your typical bar pretzels. A big handful of these to munch on makes me a happy guy.

They are a type of food called arare, which is basically glutinous rice snack flavored with soy sauce and other spices. These are made to resemble persimmon seeds, which is where they get the name kaki (persimmon) no tane (seed of the…) .

They are usually sold with peanuts, but it is great to find a back of just the spicy little crunchers all on their own. Next time you want to knock back a few kirins or asahis, make sure you have a big bag of kakino tane to munch on!


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