Totally Bamboo Kauai Cutting Board



5.0 out of 5 stars Looks great. Works great

I have been using the “Totally Bamboo Kauai Cutting Board” for about a year new, and I love it. I have had no problems with splinters, gouging or dulling of my knives. It has been such a great product that I am surprised to see some of the review here. Possibly they had some problems with the first releases that have been fixed now.

Bamboo is a harder wood than most cutting boards are made from, 16% harder than maple with is the standard for cutting boards, and that takes a little bit of getting used too. The knife cut ends at the cutting board rather than cutting in like it would with a softer wood or plastic board.

A benefit of the added hardness is a less-porous surface, which means the cutting board doesn’t absorb as much water and nasty little bacteria. There is some debate as too whether bamboo is too hard, and will blunt knives, but that has not been my experience.

The board is light, and a good size so that it can be moved around my kitchen pretty easily. I don’t have a lot of space, so I appreciate the ease of storage. Because bamboo is made from pressed woods held together by glue, there has been some concerns over their safety but Totally Bamboo uses a proprietary food-approved glue.

Probably the main reason to use a bamboo cutting board over another hard wood is that it is ecologically sound. Bamboo, being a grass and not a true hard wood, is a quickly-replenishing resource that can grow up to two feet a day. On top of that, they look beautiful. The “Totally Bamboo Kauai Cutting Board” looks good enough to use as a serving board


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