7″ Godzilla 2004 Mecha Godzilla Action Figure


5.0 out of 5 stars Machine Dragon!

MechaGodzilla is my favorite of Godzilla’s many nemeses. The star of no less than five Godzilla films, more than any other monster, there is just something cool about this cyborg anti-Godzilla.

This figure is based on the Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla film in the Millennium series, the one constructed over the skeleton of the original Godzilla. The description lists this figure as being from Final Wars, which is incorrect as MechaGodzilla did not appear in that flick.

It isn’t the full deal, and lacks the shoulder cannons that he sported in the film, but other than that the detail is great and with moving arms and head the figure is more than just a plastic statue, and able to make some cool poses with it. It’s study, and could stand up to play pretty well. For me, it is just sitting on my desk at work, but it could easily be a child’s toy as well.


One Response to “7″ Godzilla 2004 Mecha Godzilla Action Figure”

  1. kuma Says:

    Mecha Godzilla is a very cool action figure. Although I don’t own one, I’ve seen this figure at a Japanese import store and Bandai made it very nicely. Check out my small action figure collection if you like Godzilla. I’ve got 2 Godzilla figures and a King Ghidorah, as well as Ultraman and Aliens figures. I wish I had a display case for my King Ghidorah figure, but I can’t believe those cases are so expensive. Under my recommended links, there’s also a link to a website that has the hugest collection of Godzilla and other Toho action figures I’ve ever seen. Worth every minute.

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