The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai


5.0 out of 5 stars George W. Bush and Sachiko Hanai – A Love Story

I am a big fan of the Japanese Pink Film genre. Quite different from straight porn, they were a hugely successful category of film mainly in the 70’s, where they played to packed theaters, but now mainly exist on straight-to-video releases and still manage to thrive. Most of the time they are just cheesy as hell; some hot naked girls and only a stitch of plot, like the Ninja Vixens series. Sometimes they are dark and plumb psychological depths, like the infamous Flower & Snake. And sometimes they are just plain weird.

“The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai” is clearly in the last category. Although it started out as a straight Pink Film, with the more explicit title of “Horny Home Tutor: Teacher’s Love Juice”, director Meike Mitsuru decided to re-cut and re-shoot it as a flick that has all the nudity and sex required, with a bizarre plot that could play at an Indie film festival. In fact, this is the first Pink Film ever to get distribution in US theaters, mainly on the festival circuit.

The story revolves around Sachiko Hanai, a prostitute who works at an Image Club doing a “seduce the teacher” routine that is a common fantasy of Japanese guys. One eventful night leaves her with a bullet in her head and in possession of the cloned finger of George W. Bush. The bullet has logged against her brain, giving her a genius-level intellect and various mental abilities. Bush’s finger has a mind of its own, being able to move and communicate to Sachiko via television screens, as well as some more subtle manipulations.

While the political message is hazy at best, with the cloned finger being hunted by North Korean agents in order to gain access to Bush’s fingerprints and thus America’s nuclear arsenal, it is mainly just decoration and a bit of a McGuffin. The real fun is just in following Sachiko Hanai’s glamorous life, and her lust for knowledge and other things. Along with her genius IQ, the bullet also delays all of her body’s responses, so that she experiences things after the fact, such as when she makes a super-spicy curry but thinks it is too bland until and hour later when her mouth is one fire. Given that this is a Pink Film, several of her other body responses also happen to delayed and hilarious effects.

The lead actress, Kuroda Emi, makes a very hot school teacher and isn’t ashamed at all in showing off her talents. This was her only flick, and she soon gave up the Pink Film genre for a new career as a fighter in the Mixed Martial Arts circuit. Most of the other actors are veterans of Japan’s various underground genres, like Hotaru Yukijiro who appeared in the strange zombie flick Stacy. The sex in the film isn’t explicit, but is definitely good enough and it is great to see Emi do her stuff.

The DVD for “The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai” is a winner, with some cool extras thrown in. The original incarnation, “Horny Home Tutor: Teacher’s Love Juice” is included, as well as a funny little short featuring the Sachiko Hanai character and a George Bush puppet doing a Smack Down style fight against another girl in a ICBM missile costume. That is actually where the cover image comes from, and Emi does not appear in that outfit during the main movie. The only disappointment is that the 2006 documentary “The Making of ‘Sachiko Hanai'” isn’t included, but otherwise this is good stuff through and through.


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