TruBamboo Solid Bamboo Tea Box Sectioned Storage


3.0 out of 5 stars Not suitable for tea bags

This is a pretty little box, well constructed, but I should have checked the dimensions before ordering. It is far too small and far too shallow to hold standard sized tea bags.

I tried to put in a few sizes, the smallest being the Stash Premium Organic Premium Green Tea, which I consider a very average sized package. At best I could squish it in there, but it certainly didn’t look very attractive and not very many bags would go in. If you put the tea bags in standing up, you can pack more in but then there is no way you can close the lid so it actually ends up taking up more space in your kitchen.

I am sure I can find some other use for this, as it is a very pretty box. It would hold loose-leaf tea fairly well, as well as spices and other non-packaged goods, but it is a total bust as a container for tea bags. In the meantime I will keep searching for a bamboo tea chest that will actually be the right size for tea!


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