Because I’m the Goddess Volume 3


5.0 out of 5 stars The Grande Finale

The volume wraps up the three-volume series Because I’m the Goddess, telling the adventures of the ultra-busty goddess Pandora and her hapless human manservant Aoi.

This was a real slam-bang finish to the series, and I was really impressed. Although the previous two volumes were heavy on silly comedy and fan service with just a dash of serious story, volume 3 takes everything up a notch, and brings it all together for a touching and emotional finish.

Not that everything is too heavy. The story starts out with Aoi and the feminine Maya Amagi going undercover at an all-girl’s school in order to seek out one of the “charms” that Pandora is gathering. The girls at the school take an instant liking to the two, and Aoi and Maya think they must have done a really good job impersonating girls, until it is revealed that the bubbly schoolgirls were just excited to have two real-life yaoi boyfriends visiting their school!

What does get heavy is the final battle, where it is revealed that the only reason the god Zeus has empowered Pandora to seek the charms is so that she can be transformed into a power source for the faded ancient Greek deities, who would “eat” her and thus revitalize their mystic powers. This begins a desperate battle for Pandora’s life, with Aoi again transformed into a dagger with drastic consequences.

“Because I’m the Goddess” has been much better than it has any right to be. The first volume had me thinking that it was just going to be a fun and silly fan-service heavy comic quickly read and forgotten, with each volume the bar was raised and the story deepened (not to mention the fan service progressing to nudity!).

The three-volume length of the series is perfect as well. Too often stories are dragged out far beyond their logical length just to keep the comics coming, but “Because I’m the Goddess” is just the right length. There are a few subplots, mainly for a character named Sotaro, which seem to be crammed into the story and hampered by the length, but on the whole it is just right.


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