Keilen Tomago-yaki 2-Piece Omelet Pan & Spatula Set



4.0 out of 5 stars Japanese omelets are so delicious!

This is a necessary pan for anyone doing Japanese cooking. There is no other way to get the shape and flavor of tamagoyaki or any of the various and yummy Japanese omelets. Using a layering method that just barely cooks the inside, they are light and fluffy and go down just right.

This is a decent tamagoyaki pan, with a nice shape and weight. The wooden handle keeps cool, and it says “tamagoyaki” on it in Japanese which is a little bit cheesy but looks good. The little spatula it comes with is interesting, and might be good “training wheels” for unpracticed chefs. The authentic technique of making tamagoyaki involves some skillful chopstick maneuvering, and if you aren’t feeling up to snuff then the spatula is a good safety net.

The recipe that comes with the pan isn’t very good, and I recommend looking elsewhere. Tamagoyaki is pretty easy ingredient-wise, needing only eggs, hon dashi and a little bit of oil. There are some common variations including rolling up nori in the middle, which I recommend. But as with all Japanese cooking, keeping it simple is best.


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