Future Diary Volume 3

5.0 out of 5 stars Attack of the Fifth
“Future Diaries” has become one of those manga where I am really looking forward to each new release. The series is hard-edged and sweet at the same time, skillfully mixing mystery, bloody horror and gentle romance.

“Volume 3” picks up at the cliff-hanger ending of Volume 2, with Yukiteru (The First) and Yuno (The Second) still in the clutches of the mad seer Tsubaki (The Sixth), holder of the Clairvoyance Diary. Both Yuno and Tsubaki want Yukiteru, and the time will come when he must make a choice as to who he is going to stand with and who he is going to stand against. Wavering in the middle is no longer an option. After the drama concludes, a romantic interlude at Yukiteru’s house is interrupted by the arrival of Houjou Reisuke (The Fifth), holder of the Hyper Vision Diary and who is determined to come out the winner of the game.

I loved this installment of “Future Diary” as much as I have the others, being unable to put the book down until the last page was turned. Reisuke makes for a great villain, with his relatively weak Hyper Vision Diary being more than made up for by his devious mind and drive to win. Deus made some interesting choices when handing out the diaries, pairing ability with mental state to ensure for the most exciting game.

The art in “Future Diaries” is fantastic as always, with artist Esuno Sakae having some fun with the “cutesy kid” stereotype combining it with some serious evil. Yuno is shaping up to be the most interesting character, both for her obsessive love for Yukiteru as well as the mystery behind the dead bodies she keeps in her closet. Definitely a girl to watch out for.

Can’t wait for Volume 4!


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