School Rumble: 2nd Semester – The Complete Collection

5.0 out of 5 stars Let’s Fighting Love!

“School Rumble,” both the manga and the anime, is probably my favorite modern series. Something about its surreal, over-the-top comedy played totally straight just cracks me up every time. I like a big ensemble cast, and “School Rumble” is a series with no losers. An episode can center on any character and I am as happy as can be.

This second DVD set continues pretty much right were season one left off. The anime series pretty much follows the manga as well, with the infamous after-hours battle to decide what class 2-C will do for the School Festival. This action-packed storyline was one of my favorites in the manga, and comes off even better in the anime. Things are heating up on the romance side as well as rumors of Harima and Yakumo being a couple continue to spread, something which isn’t helped at all by Yakumo’s sister Tenma (the object of Harima’s affection) being in full support of the match. Ah, poor Harima’s heart is breaking! After the hijinks of the school festival, there is a camping trip, a girl’s basketball team, an ocean voyage and Karasuma’s secret revealed!

The second season maintains the tone and craziness that we have come to expect from “School Rumble.” I love the fact that this series is neither a straight-forward romance, nor a comedy, nor an action/adventure. It is almost like the series gets to reinvent itself with every episode, being exactly what the story dictates at any given time. Things like entering a “Hyper Super-Size Magma Curry, Cosmos-Size” eating contest slide in easily next to tender moments between characters and the tangled, twisted web of love that gives the series momentum and continuity.

The only negative I can possibly think of about this second series is that I’m not a big fan of the new theme song. Season one’s theme was catchy and stuck in my head long after the episode was over, but Season Two’s theme song just doesn’t have that same punch. Funimation’s packaging of this season is the same as Season One, with the nice slimcase disks that don’t take up so much room on your shelf. I love those.

The real bad news is that this is it for animated “School Rumble.” While the manga continues, there are only Season One and Season Two for the anime, along with the Extra Class OVA that was produced mainly for the fans. Funimation offers both seasons and the OVA in a School Rumble: The Complete Series as well, which is a nice set if you are already a confirmed fan of the series.


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