KimiKiss Volume 2

5.0 out of 5 stars Soccer Girl in Love
The second volume in the “KimiKiss” series (Japanese title: “KimiKiss: Various Heroines”). Based on a dating sim for the PS2, “KimiKiss” is an anthology format manga with each volume telling the story of a different boy/girl combination, and their blossoming romance.

In this volume we get the story of Asuka Sakino, a sporty girl into soccer but who is anything but a tomboy. Long-haired and athletic, she dreams of being able to compete on the same level as the boy’s team, and is secretly practicing every day after school to build her skills. She accidentally bumps into Kouichi Aihara (not the same Kouichi from Volume 1, so don’t worry. That Kouichi is still faithful to his true love Mao). Kouichi is a somewhat shy boy who has some soccer skills of his own, and Asuka asks Kouichi if he will be her secret soccer coach and help her practice after school in preparation for a big game she hopes to participate in.

Because this is the “KimiKiss” series, we know Asuka and Kouichi aren’t going to stop at soccer, and soon Asuka asks Kouichi to be her “love coach” as well, pretending to be a couple so that they can practice what it is like to be boyfriend and girlfriend, should the real chance come along. Kouichi isn’t sure just how into the role Asuka wants to get, but well…the series isn’t titled “KimiKiss” for nothing!

Because this is an anthology series, with no continuing characters, it is hard to get too involved in the “KimiKiss” world. Basically this series plays on a typical Japanese male fantasy of shy boy meets beautiful, exuberant girl who then falls in love with him and takes the lead in romance. It is fun, harmless fluff with a sweet romantic twinge.

Volume 2 focuses more on the romance than the fan-service than Volume 1 did, although there are enough scenes of Asuka in her bathing suit to satisfy. I liked the characters, and this Kouichi isn’t quite the wimp that you find in other series of this genre, which was good. The art and story are solid, and the artist pulls off the one-volume story really well.

If you like the first volume, chances are you are going to like this one too!


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