Bloody Kiss Volume 1

3.0 out of 5 stars Angst-free Vampire Romance

Bloody Kiss Volume 1

I can’t imagine a more light and fluffy vampire romance than “Bloody Kiss.” There are no love triangles to be had, no repression of blood lust…in fact, the this manga vampires only drink blood from one human their whole life, who they take as a “bride” and cherish and love forever.

Furumiya Kazuko started “Bloody Kiss” as a short story, but was encouraged to stretch it out into a longer series. The finished work only spans two volumes, but it is clear even Furumiya didn’t know where the story was going. She just wanted to create some fluffy feel-good romance with a strong-willed girl and her beautiful vampire lover. Somehow the plot had to be stretched into that.

In the story, schoolgirl Katsuragi Kiyo inherits and old crumbling mansion from her late grandmother. Remote and hidden away, Kiyo plans to sell the place to finance her law school, but upon arrival she finds she has also inherited two vampires, the dashing Lord Kuroboshi and his attendant Alshu. Both vampires lived merrily along with Kiyo’s grandmother, and when Lord Kuroboshi sets eyes on Kiyo it is love at first site.

Aside from Kuroboshi and Kiyo’s romance, the humor of “Bloody Kiss” comes from the domestic strife of Kiyo trying to find a job to pay for food and upkeep, since the vampires consider themselves too aristocratic to work. Kiyo is also a horrible cook, although she tries her very best as she finds herself falling for Kuroboshi.

The art in “Bloody Kiss” is uneven, and artist Furumiya seems to not have a solid grasp of her characters and their appearance. Manga artists often humble themselves in the writer’s notes included in their volumes, but this is the first time I have found myself agreeing. The art does improve in Bloody Kiss Volume 2 however, so it is nice to see the improvement.

This volume of “Bloody Kiss” also has a short back-up story, “Angel Love Song,” which surprisingly features no vampires whatsoever, “Angel Love Song” is a teenage love story of a girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend, but then miraculously meets the boy of her dreams just in time for the band concert. Fluffy bunnies all around.


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