Blue 3 Piece Glass Cold Sake Set

5.0 out of 5 stars Keeping it cold

Nice sake should always be drunk cold. Heating it up is only for the poor quality stuff when you want to disguise the taste. And while I like a cup of cheap hot sake on a cold winter’s night as much as the next guy, heating up a ginjo or better would be like using single malt scotch to mix a cocktail. A total waste.

Which is why I love this “Cold Sake Set” so much. The bottle is inset with a reservoir for ice that keeps chilling the sake from the inside while you drink it. The bottle holds 12 oz of sake, about the same amount as your standard tokkuri used for heating sake. There are two glasses included, which are the same blue glass as the bottle. The set is available in several colors, but I went for the blue one because I liked its color the best.

About the only problem I have had with this “Cold Sake Set” is that the opening for the ice is smaller than your standard-sized ice cube. You either need to invest in an ice cube tray that makes smaller cubes, or do like I do and just smash your ice cubes down to a manageable size. You could put a little cold water in there with the ice, but I find this makes it difficult to pour especially after the carafe has been refilled a few times!


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