Game X Rush Volume 2

4.0 out of 5 stars The sudden ending
Game X Rush was intended to be a longer series, with more story and character development, but for whatever reason author Kusanagi Mizuho was suddenly told that she needed to quickly bring the series to a close, resulting in this second and final volume.

With “Game X Rush vol. 2,” Kusanagi ditches all vestiges of the bodyguard/assassin that started the series, which quite frankly wasn’t working anyways. She just focuses on the stories of Yuuki and Memori and the connection they have with a certain childhood incident and Memori’s mother. All of the secrets of the past are revealed, and there are some genuine surprises.

Its amazing how much better “Game X Rush” is once the unwieldy premise of bodyguard/assassin is ditched and the focus is put on the character connections. Kusanagi draws some pretty pictures, and is very good at characterization, but seems to lack strong plotting skills. You can see a lot of potential in this second volume of the series, and it seems a shame that the series was cancelled right when Kusanagi seems to have found the right formula.

One the whole, “Game X Rush” was not very good, but one can see the potential here. Hopefully Kusanagi will take what she has learned here and build a stronger story, or partner up with someone with stronger plotting skills and make the comic in the American style.


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