Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. Pearl River 4×6 Feet

5.0 out of 5 stars My new kitchen floor

Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. Bamboo Rug Co. AMB00200046 Pearl River 4×6 Feet

What you see is pretty much what you get with this “Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. Pearl River 4×6 Feet.” The whole package comes rolled up in a cloth bag looking very much like a tent or sleeping bag, and when you take it out and unroll it you get a nice bamboo area rug that looks just like the picture.

I bought this because I had just moved into a new apartment where the owner had refurbished everything except for the linoleum in the kitchen, which was pretty nasty looking. I wanted something that would easily cover up the ancient flooring and yet be durable enough to be the floor of my kitchen. When I measured it out, a 4X6 mat was just the right size, and because I have had great experiences with bamboo products in my kitchen that is what I went searching for.

Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. has several bamboo rugs in this size range, and it was just a matter of picking the color. The Villager Natural looked too much like a standard-issue beach mat, and the Premier was just ugly. I almost went with the Villager Coffee, but ended up getting this one, the Pearl River, because I liked the mix of colors better than a mono-tone rug.

The rug itself (rug? mat? I am not really sure which to call it) is beautiful, and so far does exactly what it is supposed to which is to cover my hideous old linoleum and improve the look of my kitchen. The slats are very small, about a fingers width and length per slat, but it is comfortable to walk on even in bare feet. Cleaning it has been easy, just an occasional wipe-down, but it hasn’t had to deal yet with things like spilt oil and other hot liquids that it will inevitably encounter as my new kitchen floor.


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