Future Diary Volume 7

5.0 out of 5 stars Mid-Game

Future Diary Volume 7

With the seventh volume of “Future Diary” we have six of the twelve diary holders eliminated and the game has officially reached mid-point. Only one diary holder, the Eleventh, remains unknown and the rest are identified and active players.

The story starts off with Yukiteru (The First) and Yuno (The Second) facing off against another couple, Marco and Ai who together hold the Seventh diary. Marco and Ai’s diary is based off of love, and each can see into the future of the other. Marco can see what will happen to Ai, and Ai can see what will happen to Marco. This allows them to co-ordinate their actions and attacks. Yuno’s diary is similarly coordinated with Yukiteru, but Yukiteru’s Random Diary is completely different. Together, Marco and Ai think their united front will be able to overwhelm Yukiteru and Yuno who spend as much time fighting each other as their opponents.

Every volume of “Future Diary” so far has been amazing, and Volume 7 is no different. This is one of those manga that I pick up and I don’t put down again until I breathlessly read the whole adventure. Author Sakae Esuno (Hanako and the Terror of Allegory) has created some unique and captivating characters. Yuno in particular, the insane and dangerous killer whose only redemption is her love for Yukiteru, is my favorite. Every time you start to see the tenderness behind her she whips out a knife and skewers someone, or hacks them up with a hatchet. She exists only to love Yukiteru, and he is put in the position of using the powerful but dangerous tool, or having no one to protect him from the onslaught of diary holders.

There are some subplots here as well, involving Yukiteru’s parents and especially his father, that are setting up the story to carry into the next volume. At the end Sakae promises us that the Eleventh diary holder will finally step onto the stage with Volume 8. I for one will be there.


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