My Bride is a Mermaid, Season One Part Two

4.0 out of 5 stars Under the Sea

My Bride Is a Mermaid: Season One, Part Two

“My Bride Is a Mermaid: Season One, Part Two” finishes up the first (and only) season of this funny and oddball anime. There are thirteen episodes on two DVDs, bringing to a close the complete twenty-six episode series.

I really dug this series, for its mix of over the top antics combined with some outright parody and some nice sweet moments. If you have seen Season One, Part One (and why would you be watching Part Two without having seen it?) you know pretty much what to expect in terms of humor and fun.

Part Two starts out with a bang as Nagasumi brings a stray kitten to school. Cats, it turns out, are the one thing all mermaids are deathly afraid of, and this kitten running around school has all of the fish folk in a frenzy. Some of the best laughs in the series are had here, showing the terrible monster from the mermaid’s perspective, and then the real scene from the human’s. Some additional rivalry is brought in when the class president (whose real name is unknown) is shown to hide a deep love for Nagasumi behind her thick glasses and shy demeanor. Next, Akeno Shiranui comes into town. She is an inspector for the mermaids who tests to see how the mermaids are doing fitting into human life, and anyone who reveals themselves is exiled back into the ocean. Hijinks ensue.

Of course, all sorts of other wacky stuff happens. A field trip to Kyoto. Sun and Luna’s tough fathers running around in school girl outfits. Kai heading to the hot springs wearing his full astronaut suit. Pretty much nothing makes sense in “My Bride is a Mermaid,” and that is exactly how I like it.

One thing I really liked about “Part Two” was the ending. In too many series they don’t wrap things up properly, but this series was really satisfying. Nagasumi even got a chance to man-up at the end, and the final freeze-frame shot at the end had me rolling. Very well done.

My complaints with the series are the same as with “Part One.” Whoever did the subtitles went overboard trying to capture the Seto accent and Sun and her group come off sounding like a bunch of hillbillies, which is not at all how it sounds in Japanese. There are a few other lame misses with the subtitles, such as when Luna’s father (who is a clear parody of the Terminator) gives the classic line “I’ll be back” but it winds up in the subtitles as “I’ll return soon.” The joke is lost in translation.

But weak subtitles can’t bury a great comedy, and that is what you get here. No fan service. Not an amazing series. But it keeps up a good pace and delivers with every episode. Good times.


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