Dragon Ball Z Kai, Part 2

5.0 out of 5 stars The Good Parts Edition, Part Two

Dragon Ball Z Kai: Season One, Part Two

The original “Dragon Ball Z” packed a lot of unnecessary fat onto the meat of Toriyama Akira’s manga. Adapted from the final twenty-six volumes of the manga series, the producers wanted to stretch out the story into as many episodes as possible to stuffed in a bunch of filler and random content onto the main story.

“Dragon Ball Z Kai” takes a carving knife to the series and slices away all that extra, leaving only the pure Toriyama-elements. Reducing the series by more than half, “Dragon Ball Z Kai” has a hundred episodes compared to “Dragon Ball Z”‘s two hundred and ninety-one. That, my friends, is a lot of filler. A hundred and ninety-one episodes of filler.

Along with the episode reduction, “Dragon Ball Z Kai” has digitally restored the faded cels, replaced missing cels, and recorded both a new English dub and a new Japanese voice track using a mix of new and original voice actors to match up with the re-tooled version. In short, “Dragon Ball Z Kai” is like a straight shot of tequila compared to the original “Dragon Ball Z”‘s froofy, over-decorated blender marguerite..

Boxset Two of “Dragon Ball Z Kai” has episodes 14-26 on two DVDs. The episodes start with Goku powering up with the 3x Kaio-ken to duke it out with Vegeta, and ends with a final throw-down between Vegeta and Zarbon. And in-between is action, action, action.

If you have never gotten into “Dragon Ball” and always been curious about it, then these Kai releases are the way to go.

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