Totoro: 1.5″ Blue Totoro with Chain


5.0 out of 5 stars Little portable Totoro

I got this as a present from some of my student’s in Japan, as they knew how much I loved My Neighbor Totoro.

It’s pretty small, just a few inches tall, and is intended to be a strap for a cell phone. I’m not to into the jumbo cell phone straps, so I hung it off of my backpack where it has been a companion for a few years now.

It is actually pretty sturdy for a little stuffed toy, and has weathered rain, snow and sunshine hanging off my backpack. This is a great gift for Totoro fans.


One Response to “Totoro: 1.5″ Blue Totoro with Chain”

  1. website Says:

    Those that tоured Satsuki and Mеi’s home in
    2005 during the world exposition іn Japan, you had the option to spеnd money on a 1/30 scale model memento.

    I completely love My Neighbor Totoro – absolutely one of the best
    movies eѵer produced.
    It’s A Fact The name Totoiro actuаlly develops from a mispronunciation of
    the Japanese expression for troll, Tororu.

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